Fitted luxurious kitchens designed and installed by Obegi Home with an wide array of finishing and colors while incorporating the latest in design functionality and technology. A kitchen by Obegi Home is always tailored to the customer’s needs. It optimizes the use of space, with close attention paid to every detail. Obegi Home interprets the contemporary kitchen in its entire variety of materials, finishing, and colors by offering top luxurious kitchen brands from Germany and Italy.
Every homeowner dreams of a spacious wardrobe or a vast, airy walk-in closet, a gorgeous space that will help organize your life, while holding anything and everything from clothes, shoes, jewelry, and watches to valuable electronics, games, and souvenirs. You can select highly customized and unique storage solutions from prestigious Italian brands.
The modern family unit has rebuilt itself around each home’s entertainment center with a bespoke versatility, modularity, functionality, and style, for all architectural environments. Functional yet luxurious wall units tailored to your personality with unmistakable style and elegance.
Internal doors are marvels of ongoing technological and stylistic research. From transparency to reflections, from the naturalness of wood to the strength of ecological lacquered glass: Obegi Home’s range of doors are aesthetically superior yet enjoy complete reliability over time. Sliding doors bring continuity to the space, an overall vision that combines technological innovation with stylistic variety and a view to creating spaces that are ever more in line with refined tastes.
Looking for innovative and contemporary designs? Obegi Home carries an impressive line of modern furniture and accessories by world-famous Italian brands. This vibrant collection is all about contemporary lifestyle trends and understated luxury. A quality of craftsmanship in the best Italian tradition combined with a modern approach to design. At Obegi Home superior quality can be seen in every little detail and appreciated with every touch.
Obegi Home’s line of classic furniture offers an impressive collection of high-end furnishings from some of the world’s leading brands. Our classic furniture range combines elegance and refinement, introducing a sense of balance and harmony into every room. Our collections offer dynamic new ways to appreciate and enjoy classic design animated with new silhouettes and updated materials.
Crafting exquisite outdoor spaces, with the sun-drenched lifestyle in mind, Obegi Home offers a wide choice of outdoor furniture. From tables and chairs to sofas and pergolas, we craft exquisite exterior space. Our collection of outdoor furniture offers pieces that are both functional and beautiful to view, with all seams and hardware hidden on the underside of each piece.
Corporate Prestige are a statement of efficiency and success. Whether your office is in your residential quarters or within a corporate setting, Obegi Home offers exclusive office interiors for executive management; prestigious corporate space that provides a unique environment for executives. From desks and office chairs to leather sofas and wall units, a corporate interior by Obegi Home is designed to impress visitors and is guaranteed to seal the business deal.
The right lighting fixtures and mirrors are essential for a luxurious lifestyle. Obegi Home carries a truly impressive selection of lights and mirrors, either classic or contemporary, that are veritable pieces of art. From classic labels who produce handcrafted collections of lighting fixtures that are built to stand the test of time to contemporary brands offering light fixtures range, our decorative lights and mirrors collection add character and elegance to any living space.
An easy way to customize interiors is to adorn walls with luxurious wallpaper and to choose unique fabrics for sofas, chairs, drapes, and even bedspreads; all from prestigious brands and our intricate finishing.
Interior Spaces are always beautified by the addition of carpets and area rugs. A rug effortlessly unifies a room, bringing together the diverse elements of a space. Obegi Home carries a carefully selected collection of plush, eye-catching rugs, imported directly from the most prestigious manufacturers to add a hint of warmth and luxury to your home.
Decorative ornaments can add a unique touch to any home. Add a personal touch to your home's interior with Obegi Home’s range of beautiful and elegant decorative home accessories. The right accessories placed in the right place add elegance, color, texture, shine and punch to any space and often are the elements that complete the design concept.
Mirrors add light and beauty to your interiors. A well-placed mirror gives a room a bright and an open feeling. The atypical shapes and variety of Obegi Home collection of mirrors add the interior to individuality and originality.


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