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The Obegi Home legacy is one of a few in the region with a century old story of entrepreneurship, resilience and passion for excellence. It all began in 1905 when founder and young entrepreneur Yordan Obegi founded a chemical dyestuff business catered to textile and leather industries in the MENA region.

Obegi Home Legacy

Originally established in 1973 as a subsidiary of Obegi Group, Obegi Home became an independent venture in 2009 spearheaded by Karine and Yordan Obegi. Since then, Obegi home has become the reference for high-end interiors in the middle east, catering to the most refined tastes.

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The company has carved a niche for itself in the luxury residential and commercial interior design sector. They’re known for creating powerful and unique spaces that leave a lasting impression.
One of Obegi Home’s notable contributions to Dubai’s design landscape is the establishment of the Designers’ Lab in the Dubai Design District (d3). This platform fosters creativity and collaboration among design professionals, providing them with the resources to execute their visions.

Obegi Home Legacy in Dubai showroom in Dubai features a range of products from top international brands and designers, providing clients with bespoke interior design solutions.

Today, Obegi home is a one-stop destination to carve out your dream living space’s decor in precise details.

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J844 Jumeirah Beach Road - Umm Suqeim
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D3 - Dubai Design District- Dubai Office 503B
5th Floor – Building 7
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